healing rooms

Padstow Healing Rooms embrace The Adventurous Spirit by believing that God heals today and having the courage to step out, even when it seems impossible. This is done through his body of regular believers using their God given authority here on earth.

We have seen Jesus heal hundreds of people, many medically documented. We have also witnessed a handful of medically documented creative miracles, including a new eardrum, straightened bones, new heart values growing, and tumours disappearing. 

We are now surprised when nothing happens when we minister healing rather than the other way around. We are helping to train the Body of Christ to do what Jesus did and reach Australians with the full gospel of the Kingdom - meeting their needs, where they are at.

Healing Rooms sessions are held, @ Padstow, on Thursdays by appointment only, contact 02 9772 2537 for an appointment and the 1st and 3rd Fridays of the month from 12-1 pm, excluding public holidays. Alternatively to find when Healing Rooms are operating use www.healingrooms.com.au