Kids bring joy, fun and excitement wherever they are. They are passionate about life and live in each moment. At Lifegate, we want to see kids live free and full lives. Our leaders are passionate about Jesus and passionate about kids. We aim to connect with kids, engage in exciting and fun activities, creating memorable moments for all kids.

LITTLE TREASURES                                   1-5 years old

Your infants (1 year old and walking) to pre-schoolers really are little treasures. We are here to serve your treasures. They are growing so fast and learning so much so we create a space for them to play, sing, move and have fun. We want your little treasures to know “God made me; God loves me; and Jesus wants to be my friend”.

"My girls love going to Little Treasures. They have fun doing craft, singing and dancing, playing with their friends and learning a simple lesson. I enjoy hearing them sing the songs through the week. Their Sunday would be incomplete without Little Treasures." - Hannah, Mum

ABLAZE                                                         K-5th Grade

In Ablaze, music is loud, games are fun and leaders care. Friendship is so important for kids, so we create a space to help them build friendships that will last. We want kids to know Jesus is their friend no matter what. They can trust Him and follow Him. Our leaders focus on bringing the promises of God’s Word to life.

"My kindy kids have blossomed since joining Ablaze and they genuinely enjoy the program. The teachers are engaging and encouraging. If we miss a day at church my kids are very grumpy!" - Hannah, Mum


Bottom line, we are here to serve your kids. Our Kids Leaders are passionate about kids, many of them are parents themselves. They seek to build relationships with the kids they lead and walk beside them as they navigate the various seasons of growing up. Lifegate Kids Leaders are trained in child safety and hold appropriate government checks. Here's what they have to say.

"I love Kids Ministry because I love seeing how they get to know that they have their greatest friend in Jesus and no matter what the they are feeling they will always have someone to comfort them. I also love knowing mums and dads get a break and much need time with the Lord." - Rachel, Little Treasures Leader

"It is a privilege to be a teacher in Kids Ministry. I learn as much from the kids than they do from me. Their joy and love in worship, their desire to seek, their love for others, the innocence in faith and their energy is an amazing example for us adults" - Michelle, Ablaze Leader