How healthy are you?

You can start to answer this by considering these two questions:

Which sentence best describes the freedom you experience in life?

A. I struggle to keep up. I seem to be stuck in unhealthy relationships, financial pressure, abuse, stress etc. It’s tough for me to break free and

move forward.

B. I am mostly able to juggle what comes my way but stress, past experiences, and previous hurts rise within hold me back. I wish I could respond better sometimes.

C. I am loving life and flourishing. Sure, life has its twists and turns, but even through these I have a deep sense of peace and hope in the future.

Which sentence best describes your sense of purpose in life?

A. I feel trapped and stuck in a rut. I feel lost and unsure on how to move forward in life.

B. I feel full and busy with some good things taking shape, but there a nagging thought – there must be more to life than this. Deep down, I’m not fully satisfied.

C. I know why I exist and my purpose in the world. I feel loved, thankful, and certain of a bright future. I move forward with peaceful certainty.

If you couldn’t answer C for either question and would like to know more about how you could move forward from an A or B answer, visit this page, give us a call on 02 9772 2537, or send an email to